Introducing Golf Pride's Softest Performance Grip

CP2 Testimonials

High Performance Technology Available in CP2 Pro and CP2 Wrap Models

For players seeking a softer feel that offers comfort, control and superior performance.

Control Core Technology for Added Stability

Soft Rubber with High Traction

Reduced Taper for Extra Comfort

2.5" Inner Control Core Stabilizer

The inner core combined with a soft, tacky surface material delivers comfort without sacrificing performance.

Exclusive Control Core Technology

Reduces Torque by 41% when compared to same grip without core

All new material Formulationdelivers comfort & performance

Our Softest Rubber Grip Ever Provides Maximum Comfort

CP2 is 31% Softer Than Any Other Grip in the Golf Pride® Line

High Tack Surface Material for Enhanced Traction

Increased Comfort with reduced taper design

Reduced Taper in Lower Hand to Encourage Light Grip Pressure

Improved Comfort For Golfers with Arthritis

Allows even grip pressure in both hands for a more stable swing.

All new Technology Available in 2 different styles

Grip Performance Ratings

Grip Size Core Size Weight (+/- 3.5 G)
Standard 60 Round 50
Midsize 60 Round 63.5
Jumbo 60 Round 80