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Shipping to North America Only

Concept Helix The Next Revolution in Grip Installation Technology


Innovating the Way We Grip

Change your grips anytime, anywhere – no tape, solvent or vise required. CONCEPT HELIX is the first-ever interchangeable, twist-on golf grip.

Concept Helix Grip

The Fastest Way to Change Your Grips

Insert the horn into the grip and slip onto the shaft.
Use the opposite end of the horn to turn the end cap.
Twist the end cap and grip to lock into place and swing away!
“Golf Pride stands at the forefront of innovation in grips, and Concept Helix builds on that legacy as the first-ever twist-on grip technology system. This is the first major new advanced concept to come out of the lab at our new Global Innovation Center in Pinehurst and innovates the installation process, requiring no tape, no solvent, and no drying time. Getting fresh grips on your clubs will be more seamless than ever.”
Greg Cavill
Global Project Engineer / Golf Pride

The First Twist-On Grip

Nearly 70 years ago, Golf Pride stood at the forefront of the slip-on grip revolution, as an alternative to leather grips. The new rubber grips were infinitely more convenient and easier to change, providing a way for golfers to affordably update their equipment.

With CONCEPT HELIX, Golf Pride stands to transform the way we grip again. Developed at our Global Innovation Center in Pinehurst, CONCEPT HELIX requires no solvent, grip tape, or vise – only your hands.

Be a part of history with this new grip innovation – your feedback will shape the way this prototype is refined.

Limited Quantities Available!


Concept Helix is not compatible with shaft IDs (internal diameter) of 0.480 inches or less.
Your shaft has to be completely clear of all tape and residue.
At this time you cannot install smart grip technology with a Concept Helix grip.

Concept Helix The Next Revolution in Grip Technology