Frequently Asked Questions

Technology Questions

What is ALIGN Technology?

Golf Pride’s new ALIGN Technology Grip is the first with a raised ridge, assisting hand alignment to square the club face and improve your swing consistency.

What is the advantage of “straighter taper” grips?

Straighter taper grips (with a larger lower hand) is a technology in the MCC Plus4 and CP2 grips that is inspired by the Tour player preferences to build up the lower hand with wraps of tape. This straighter taper creates a more uniform grip shape, allowing the top and bottom hands to have even grip pressure and preventing the club face from being overactive. This leads to more consistency, a square club face more often, and more distance.

What is Control Core technology?


The Control Core technology in the CP2 Pro and CP2 Wrap grips reduces torque for more stability throughout the swing. The upper hand receives a lot of torque during the downswing, so we engineered this inner core reinforcement in the top 2 inches of the grip to deliver enhanced stability and control in our softest performance swing grip.

How can oversized putter grips help my putting?

A common fault of many golfers when putting is breaking the wrists or allowing too much movement in the hands which can take the putting stroke and putter clubface offline. An oversized putter grip works to fill the hands and prevent too much wrist movement for a consistent stroke.

What is the difference between a “round” and a “ribbed” grip?

A ribbed grip features an extra piece of rubber on the inside of the back (underside) of the grip which forms a ridge when the grip is installed. This ridge serves as a reminder for the hands to grip the club consistently in the same place each time.

What grips do you recommend for someone with joint pain or arthritis?

The CP2 Pro and CP2 Wrap are Golf Pride’s softest performance golf grips built for comfort and control. The CP2 features a larger lower hand and high-tack rubber which allows golfers to lighten grip pressure – ideal for those with joint pain. The soft rubber also dampens the vibration through impact to allow for a comfortable feeling during and after play.

Will lightweight grips help my game?

Lightweight grips are designed as replacement grips for drivers and fairway woods that utilize light grips, shafts, and composite club heads as components. They can also take weight out of the grip and shaft portion of a standard weighted club, to help reduce club static weight and retain swing weight. They can be very beneficial to club-builders using new lightweight shafts, and to re-grippers looking for a way to lower club balance-point nearer the club head, and preserve or increase swing weight. While there is no evidence that switching to lightweight grips will automatically help all golfers, your local PGA golf pro or professional club-builder can tell you whether they might enhance the feel and performance of your clubs.

What is a cord grip?

Golf Pride’s Brushed Cotton Technology is a moisture wicking fiber molded into the grip for the ultimate in all-weather control and performance. The cord wicks away sweat and moisture to add traction in any conditions. Cord is featured in the Z-Grip Cord, Tour Velvet Cord, Victory Cord, MCC and MCC Plus4.

What is shot feedback?

Shot feedback or vibration transferred to your hands upon impact is an important attribute when selecting a grip. Softer grips can dampen vibration, while firmer grips provide more shot feedback. Some players prefer to feel the vibration to help improve ball contact precision and gain information on mis-hits. Other players prefer to limit vibration, including those with joint pain or arthritis.

What is a “hybrid” grip?

The hybrid grip contains two materials to create the best combination of moisture management and feel. The MCC and MCC Plus4 are hybrid grips which feature cord in the top hand and softer rubber in the bottom hand. During the downswing, torque occurs on the upper hand, requiring more traction and stability in all weather conditions. The lower hand’s softer rubber provides increased responsiveness and feel to provide the best in all-around stability and feel.