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Grip Build-Up: Your Secret to More Control Could Be Under Your Grip

  • Last Updated: September 2, 2022
  • 4 min. read

Tour pros have such a specific feel for their clubs that even small details make a big difference. One method some pros use to maintain their feel from round to round is by adding an extra layer of tape to the shaft. Known as “building up the grip,” some believe it helps optimize their feel for the club and improve swing consistency.

While the average golfer may not be as particular, everyone’s feel for the golf club is unique. If you’re looking to try something new, building up your grips could be an effective customization technique to try.

In this article, we’ll talk about what grip build up is, how it could help and show you how to do it step-by-step right at home.

What is a grip build up?

Adding extra layers of grip tape to the shaft while installing a grip will increase the diameter which the grip will go over. Whether it’s one, two, or more extra layers of tape on the shaft when the grip is installed, the rubber grip will stretch over the tape, thus making the grip larger.   

Reasons for building up your grip:

Whether it’s a feel preference or for shot performance, here are a few reasons why golfers add this specific item to their installation spec sheet. 

In-between sizing – It’s easiest to feel the difference between a standard, midsize or jumbo grip when it’s installed on a club. But some player’s hand size or preferences lend towards an in-between size which can be achieved by adding an extra piece of tape or two to the shaft.  

Firmer feel – Some golfers prefer the surface texture of a particular grip, but want to create a firmer feel. Adding extra tape which results in stretching the rubber when it’s installed will provide the firm feel some desire. 

Shot shape – Aside from feel or size preferences, the shot shape can also be impacted by tape build up. Many players who notice their bottom hand is overactive through impact, which can result in a hook, may prefer to build up just the lower part of the grip. This provides a more uniform grip profile, or a reduced taper, to prevent early release of the bottom hand. 

How do I build up the grip with tape?

If you are taking your clubs to your trusted golf shop or course to change the grips, tell them how many extra wraps of tape you would like and they will know what to do. 

DIY Installation

If you are doing your own grip changes then here are a few tips to help the process:

  1. Determine if you want additional tape under the entire grip or just on the bottom half. Note: Doing the bottom half only will make a more uniform, non-tapered shape from the top to bottom. 
  2. Once you have put one full piece of double-sided tape on the shaft you will then place the additional piece on top of that. Rotate the placement of the tape slightly so the seam of the tape does not line up with the first layer of tape. Both seams on top of each other could cause a raised area. 

If you are interested in trying a new built-up feel, then we’d suggest trying one first before doing your entire set. Visit your local grip retailer or try installing at home using an extra one or two wraps. Then take it out to the course or practice area and see how it performs, and this little tip could be all you needed to hit more fairways and greens.

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