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How To Choose Your Golf Pride Putter Grip

  • Last Updated: September 9, 2022
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Picture this: You just had a great ball striking round, and the ball went exactly where you were looking – but your score could have been so much better. The putts just. weren’t. dropping. 

It’s time for a new putter, you say to yourself – that will get the putts to start falling. But what if there was a simpler, cheaper fix to help you make more putts?

A properly-fit putter grip that’s optimized for your stroke and feel preferences can make a world of difference in your confidence on the greens. Here are a few key differentiators:

tour snsr putter grips

Putter Grip Size


As a general rule, players who prefer to have less hand and wrist action in the putting stroke should play an oversize or midsize putter grip, which quiets the hands and allows the larger muscles to control the motion.

The TOUR SNSR 140cc putter grip – available in three shapes (Contour, Contour Pro, and Straight) is Golf Pride’s largest putter grip option.

Midsize putter grips offer a slightly smaller size that can be a perfect ‘in-between’ grip for players who don’t want a small, standard-size putter grip but also would prefer not to have a jumbo grip. A midsize putter grip will quiet the hands and arms but still allow for plenty of feel.

The TOUR SNSR 104cc putter grip – available in three shapes (Contour, Contour Pro, and Straight), the Pro Only or Pro Only Cord Green Star (88cc) & Blue Star (81cc), and the Tour Classic are Golf Pride’s midsize putter grip models.


Players who prefer to involve the hands and wrists – “feel” players – should play a smaller putter grip to help activate those smaller joints & muscles in the stroke.

Standard size putter grips allow for the most feel and feedback off the putter face at impact, even at the slower speed of a putting motion.

Golf Pride offers a variety of standard size putter grips, including the Pro Only & Pro Only Cord Red Star (72cc), Tour Tradition, Players Wrap, and the TOUR SNSR Contour & Contour Pro Firm (75cc).

golf pride pro only putter grips lined up on grip station
pro only cord putter grips

Putter Grip Shapes

Among Tour players, smaller, pistol-shape putter grips are still the most popular and winningest style. 

In recent years, though, larger, straight taper putter grips like our TOUR SNSR Straight have grown increasingly popular with Tour players and the golfing masses alike.

Golf Pride offers both putter grip styles, including a wide variety of pistol profiles in the Pro Only, Pro Only Cord, and TOUR SNSR families.

golfer holding tour snsr putter grip


Left-hand low. Prayer style. Pencil. The Claw. Armlock. Golfers get creative when it comes to how they grip their putter in an effort to save strokes.

While there’s not a hard-and-fast rule to what type of putter grip should be on your putter based on how you grip the club, we tend to see certain preferences among players with different grip styles.

  • Traditional (right hand low for right-handed golfers): Standard or Midsize, Pistol-style putter grip
  • Left-hand low or cross-hand: Midsize or Oversize, Pistol or Straight taper
  • Pencil or Claw-style: Any size and shape
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