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Putter Grips: Finding your Feel for Success on the Green

  • Last Updated: February 24, 2023
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We know putter grip selection can be overwhelming with so many options for the grip’s shape, size, weight, and surface texture. So, as you feel each option out, take your time to ensure you feel the most confident standing over each putt. Putting is a precise stroke and your performance on the green is often the deciding factor of your round. While there are many ways to improve your putting stroke, one thing remains true for all golfers who consistently make more putts – comfort and confidence.

The grip itself and how you feel holding it could be the extra boost needed for better performance, especially when feeling the unavoidable pressure on the green.

Explore our collections of putter grips below to find the right one for you.

putter grips

Pro Only Putter Grips

Our Pro Only putter grips are available in both all-rubber and cord. The smaller profile of this series allows the hands to feel more connected to the shaft, promoting a heightened feel that is essential in feedback upon impact. 

Male putting with Pro Only Cord

Pro Only grips are all-rubber with a sleek buffed finish while the Pro Only Cord grips are firmer with a combination of rubber and cord. The main difference comes from the feel in your hands. One provides a smooth rubber while the other delivers increased feedback and a firmer feel. 

The Pro Only series is available in three distinct shapes with a flat front paddle for your thumbs:

  • Red star – the smallest size and most traditional shape features a small pistol kick on the top back for added control. The thin profile of the grip is great for the golfer who wants their hands to truly feel the strike of the putt.
  • Blue star – slightly larger than the red star, the pronounced V-shape angle on the back of the grip helps lock in the fingers in a consistent place, while a wide front paddle gives your thumbs plenty of room to get comfortable and hold the putter face in alignment.
  • Green star – the largest of the group, features an oval shape for those who prefer a fuller grip in their hands, while the front flat paddle allows thumb placement. 
golf pride pro only putter grips lined up on grip station

Tour SNSR Putter Grips

With a variety of shapes, sizes, and a comfortable buffed rubber finish, the refreshed TOUR SNSR putter grips provide something for a wide range of golfers. 

tour snsr black and red

We refreshed our classic TOUR SNSR shapes with a firmer feel. Available in three shapes and in two sizes, explore which style might work best for you.

  • Tour SNSR Contour Pro – With a slight pistol kick on the back of the grip, this shape fits into the contours of the hands for a truly seamless connection between hands and the putter.
  • Tour SNSR Contour – Featuring a wide front paddle for thumb placement and a pronounced pistol kick on the back of the grip, this shape locks in the heel pad of your hand. The Contour fits a wide range of hand sizes and gripping styles.
  • Tour SNSR Straight – For the golfers who prefer non-tapered grip with the uniform feel throughout the grip, the straight profile has a consistent hold no matter which way you grip the putter. 

Shop through our full selection of putter grips online or at your local retailer

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