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How to tell if your golf grips are worn

Is it time to change your grips?

Your grips are the only piece of equipment you touch on every single swing, making it crucial that they are always performing their best.

Like your golf shoes, grips wear down over time due to a number of factors, including:

  • Sweat & oils from your hands
  • Dirt
  • UV rays
  • Hot & cold conditions

When your grips wear down, they’ll feel slick and lose traction. It’s not ideal to be standing over that tight tee shot or approach over water not knowing whether the club will stay in your hands.

As a general rule, it’s recommended that you change your grips once a year, though if you play more than 40 rounds a year or hit the range a few times a week, you may need to replace grips more often.

If you know what to look for, it’s relatively easy to determine whether your grips are worn and need to be changed. Here are a few ways to tell:


    The most obvious sign of worn grips is a slick, glossy feel and appearance. You may also notice that your grips feel firmer than they should be.


    If you play grips like the MCC or MCC Plus4 that feature white, blue, grey, red, or other colors of paint fill, a clear sign of grip wear is when that paint starts to disappear or discolor.


    If you start to notice that rubber or cord in your golf grips is starting to crumble, your grips are overdue for a change. Golfers often notice extreme wear where their thumbs are placed on the top half of the grip.

Fresh grips can make a world of difference in your confidence and performance in any conditions. Stand over every shot knowing you’re fully committed and that you’re going to perform your best.

Our handy Grip Selector tool is here to help you decide on your next set of grips, from sizing to performance attributes.

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