Frequently Asked Questions

Fitting Questions

How do I know the proper grip size?

As a general rule, place the grip in your top hand and look for how your ring and small finger wrap around the grip. If your fingertips are pushing into your palm or there is a large gap between your fingers and palm then you may consider going up or down one size. If your fingertips are just barely or lightly touching your palm when wrapped around the grip, this should be the correct size. It is recommended to ask your local PGA Professional for fitting your size and feeling how the different sizes work for your game.

How do I know the right grip for me?

There are many factors to consider when selecting grips. Sizing, feel, texture, and moisture management are all important in the grip fitting process. If you play in all conditions or a humid climate, a cord or hybrid grip can provide the moisture wicking properties to perform in any weather. Or, if you prefer a softer grip for more comfort, you may consider the CP2 grip for comfort and control. If you play in a fair climate and prefer moderate texture, the Tour Velvet may be your choice. Use the Grip Fitting Tool or see your local PGA Professional to be properly fit for your grips.

What’s the best grip if my hands perspire or I play in wet conditions?

Golf Pride’s Brushed Cotton Cord technology is a moisture wicking fiber woven into the rubber in some of our grips to increase traction despite wet conditions. This cord material can be found in the Tour Velvet Cord, Z-Grip Cord, MCC and MCC Plus4 grips. Many players find this grip style is the best option for removing moisture from the grip. Whenever playing in wet conditions, we also recommend using a golf bag rain cover, umbrella, and towel to keep grips as dry as possible.

What different grip sizes are available?

Golf Pride grips are available in a range of sizes from Junior to Jumbo. Getting fit for the proper size grip is one of the most important aspects to grip fitting and plays an important role in how you swing the club. Available sizes in each grip and color can be found on the product page.


How does the size of “straighter taper” compare to tapered grips?

Straighter taper grips contain a larger outside diameter in the grip’s lower half. This increase in size throughout the grip will create a larger feeling grip than one with taper. This increase in material will create a larger grip which can be described as an in-between size.