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It’s time to own the moment.

Reverse Taper technology stabilizes both hands for a more square putter face at impact.* No matter your gripping style. Available in three distinct shapes and two sizes, there’s one for you.

Available now.

Optimize your putting stroke with our innovative Reverse Taper design.

  • Distinct Shape
    Slim upper hand, wide lower hand for enhanced control.
  • Dimpled Pattern
    Boosts traction throughout the grip.
  • Stabilizing Technology
    Optimizes both hands for a more square putter face at impact.*
  • Soft Feel
    Tacky grip texture that plays well in all conditions.

Three shapes to fit your game.

Each shape comes in two sizes for your comfort.
*As tested against a parallel style putter grip.
**Pre-order restrictions apply. See GolfPride.com/reverse-taper-disclaimers for details.