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How do I get an in between size grip with different core and shafts sizes?

Installing a grip with different core sizes on different shaft diameters can affect how large or small the grip plays when installed. For example, a 60 core sized grip installed on a .600″ butt diameter size shaft will play 1/64″ smaller in terms of outside diameter than a 58 core sized grip installed on the same .600″ shaft. You can also use wraps of tape to get an in-between sized grip: one wrap will increase grip size by 1/64, two wraps 1/32, four wraps 1/16, etc.


How do I re-grip my clubs?

Tools Needed:  Hooked blade, two-sided grip tape, grip solvent. Recommended but NOT required: Vise clamp and heat gun.

Step 1:  Use the hooked blade to cut down the grip (away from your body) and remove old grip.
Step 2:  Use a heat gun (if available) to warm up old grip tape on shaft and peel off. If no heat source is available, peel off tape until the shaft is free of any tape.
Step 3:  Place the shaft in the vise clamp and align so the top edge of the club face is square.
Step 4:  Measure the grip tape to the size of the grip and apply tape to the shaft. Remove the top layer of the grip tape to reveal the sticky tape on the outside.
Step 5:  Use the grip solvent or odorless mineral spirits and apply to the tape on the shaft and to the inside of the grip. Seal both ends of the grip with fingers and shake a few times to coat the inside of the grip with solvent for easier installation.
Step 6:  Pinch the open end of the grip and slide onto the butt end of the shaft. Quickly slide the grip on while the solvent is still wet. Align the grip down the shaft using the three white hashes on the grip to ensure it is straight with the club head.
Step 7:  When the grip is straight, remove from vise and lightly push the end cap on the ground to secure the end of the grip is completely seated on to the shaft.
Step 8:  Let dry for one hour before use to allow the solvent to dry and grip to secure to shaft.

How much will it cost to have my clubs re-gripped?

Regripping costs are decided on by the re-gripper/store location. You can expect to pay anywhere from $1-$5 for each club re-gripped at a retail store. Some locations (such as our Retail Lab in Pinehurst) builds the install fee within the price of the grip

Where can I take my grips to get them installed?

How long do I need to wait to hit my clubs after re-gripping?

We recommend waiting at least 4 hours to let the tape fully dry and adhere to the grip. You want to ensure it fully dries so that the grips do not twist.