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Where can I buy Golf Pride grips at Retail?

Golf Pride grips can be purchased directly from or from many authorized retailers around the world. If you are in the Pinehurst area, stop by our Retail Lab for a custom grip experience!

What is a reduced tapered grip?

Many players enjoy the increased support in the lower hand without having to build up tape underneath, so we built the technology right into our grips. All of our CP collections (CP2 and CPx) have a reduced taper profile. The Tour Velvet & MCC collections have a grip offering with the Plus4 Technology

Why do grips vary in weight?

Golf Pride’s engineering and innovation teams are very diligent and detail oriented in designing grips. Multiple performance features that include different rubber compounds from one collection to another are what makes up Golf Pride’s assortment. The different materials (cord vs. no cord vs. half cord), gravities, and sizes while maintaining the feel of a grip, along with the benefits is why weights vary.

What’s the best grip if my hands perspire or I play in wet conditions?

All grips are made to fit different golfer’s preferences. While there’s no one way to definitively compare one grip to another as every golfer plays different, we love playing corded grips in wet, humid conditions. The ZGrip and MCC collections are great for golfers playing in rain or those that are a little nervous (with sweaty palms) before their shots.

What grips are recommended for someone with joint pain/arthritis or a weak grip?

The CPX and CP2 incorporate very soft compounds to promote comfort along with a control core in the end of the grip to absorb vibrations. The compounds of the grip have been designed to still transfer the necessary feedback needed for ultimate control.

What is a hybrid grip?

The hybrid grip contains two materials to create the best combination of moisture management and feel. The MCC and MCC Plus4 collections are hybrid grips which feature cord in the top hand and softer rubber in the bottom hand.

Where are Golf Pride grips made?

Our grips are designed in Pinehurst, North Carolina and manufactured in Taiwan and Thailand. Golf Pride is a global brand and the leading choice in all countries where golf is played.

How can I tell if a grip I bought is authentic or counterfeit?

The best way to tell if grips are fake is by the price; if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Ordering from an authorized retailer or direct from will help steer you clear of counterfeits. If you believe you have a counterfeit grip, you can submit a form for our team to review.

Do Golf Pride grips contain latex?

While we make several products that do not contain latex, Golf Pride grips are made in a facility or on equipment that also uses latex. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that any of our products are completely free of latex.