Frequently Asked Questions

Re-Gripping Benefits Questions

Why do I need to re-grip my clubs?

A worn or slick grip on your golf club can have a major impact on your golf swing and performance. Increased grip pressure to ensure the club is secure will decrease the speed of the club head and cause a loss of distance. Worn grips may also slip in your hands, causing the club head to shift from square and result in off-center strikes and a decrease in shot accuracy.

How often should I get my clubs re-gripped?

Golf Pride recommends changing your grips once a year. If you play frequently you may consider re-gripping more than once a year. Oils on your hands, sweat, dirt and other elements will break down the rubber. Worn grips do not provide the same traction and stability as newly-installed, fresh grips.

How important is a putter grip?

Putter grips are the most touched, most used and most overlooked piece of equipment in the bag. Because putter grips are used once, twice, and unfortunately sometimes three or four times per green, they deserve far more attention and care than they typically get. Putting is the key to scoring, and good putting requires confidence. That’s why you need to select a putter grip size, shape, and material that perform best for you. Once you’ve made your selection, you need to clean the putter grip just as you do all other grips in the bag, to maintain that original tacky feel. Nothing is more individualistic and feel-based than putting, so look for the putter grip that suits your personal preference, and helps you take the dreaded 3-putt out of your repertoire.

How can my golf grips wear down?

Golf Pride grips are made from rubber and while we are proud of their durability, grips will naturally wear down from normal use. Oils on your hands, UV light, dirt and other natural elements will wear down the rubber and eventually cause grips to lose their tackiness and traction. Generally the more you play, the more times you will need to replace your grips.