Tour Velvet® BCT® Cord

Traction and All-Weather Performance

The most widely used cord grip on Tour, the Tour Velvet® BCT® Cord comes standard with Brushed Cotton Technology (BCT), a tighter-weave cotton twill fiber that delivers a comfortable cord grip. The Tour Velvet BCT cord features all of the great traction and all-weather performance that made the Tour Velvet the winningest cord grip on Tour, and is now available in a new, white material constructed with a tightly-woven black cotton fiber.

  • Moisture Management
  • Surface Texture
Material Core Size Weight
(+/- 3.5 G)
Brushed Cotton Technology 60 Round 50.5 Standard
Brushed Cotton Technology 58 Round 52.5 Standard
Brushed Cotton Technology 60 Ribbed 50.5 Standard
Brushed Cotton Technology 58 Ribbed 52.5 Standard

Available Colors

  • Tour Velvet BCT - Black / White