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How to Regrip Your Club?

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What’s the best grip if my hands perspire or I play in wet conditions?

Golf Pride’s Brushed Cotton Cord technology is a moisture wicking fiber woven into the rubber in some of our grips to increase traction despite wet conditions. This cord material can be found in the Tour Velvet Cord, Z-Grip, MCC and MCC Plus4 grips. Many players find this grip style is the best option for removing moisture from the grip. We also recommend whenever playing in wet conditions you should use a golf bag rain cover, umbrella, and towel to keep grips as dry as possible.

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How can oversize putter grips help my putting?

A common fault of many golfers when putting is breaking the wrists or allowing too much movement in the hands which can take the putting stroke and putter clubface offline. An oversize putter grip works to fill the hands and prevent too much wrist movement for a consistent stroke.

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What is a “hybrid” grip?

The hybrid grip contains two materials to create the best combination of moisture management and feel. The MCC and MCC Plus4 are hybrid grips which feature cord in the top hand and softer rubber in the bottom hand. During the downswing, torque occurs on the upper hand, requiring more traction and stability in all weather conditions. The lower hand’s softer rubber provides increased responsiveness and feel to provide the best in all-around stability and feel.

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