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How do I re-grip my clubs?

Tools Needed:  Hooked blade, two-sided grip tape, grip solvent. Recommended but NOT required: Vise clamp and heat gun.

Step 1:  Use the hooked blade to cut down the grip (away from your body) and remove old grip.
Step 2:  Use a heat gun (if available) to warm up old grip tape on shaft and peel off. If no heat source is available, peel off tape until the shaft is free of any tape.
Step 3:  Place the shaft in the vise clamp and align so the top edge of the club face is square.
Step 4:  Measure the grip tape to the size of the grip and apply tape to the shaft. Remove the top layer of the grip tape to reveal the sticky tape on the outside.
Step 5:  Use the grip solvent or odorless mineral spirits and apply to the tape on the shaft and to the inside of the grip. Seal both ends of the grip with fingers and shake a few times to coat the inside of the grip with solvent for easier installation.
Step 6:  Pinch the open end of the grip and slide onto the butt end of the shaft. Quickly slide the grip on while the solvent is still wet. Align the grip down the shaft using the three white hashes on the grip to ensure it is straight with the club head.
Step 7:  When the grip is straight, remove from vise and lightly push the end cap on the ground to secure the end of the grip is completely seated on to the shaft.
Step 8:  Let dry for one hour before use to allow the solvent to dry and grip to secure to shaft.

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How often should I re-grip my Swing or Putter grips?

It depends on how much you play, re-gripping once a year is a good base point. We recommend to change more often when you start to see wear patterns. The oils on your hands, sweat, dirt and even hot and cold temperatures can break down the rubber. So the more you play, the more you will need to re-grip. You may also need to re-grip your most used clubs more often than the entire set. Your driver or wedges may require more attention to keep you feeling connected with each swing. As for the putter, it is the most used grip in the back but is often overlooked for a refresh! We recommend checking for wear regularly and replacing the grip as needed based on the wear patterns. Check out this page for some common indicators of wear.

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How long do I need to wait to hit my clubs after re-gripping?

We recommend waiting at least 4 hours to let the tape fully dry and adhere to the grip. You want to ensure it fully dries so that the grips do not twist.

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How do I select the right grip for me?

There are many factors to consider when selecting grips. Sizing, feel, texture, playing conditions and moisture management are all important in the grip fitting process. We recommend you use the grip selector tool on our website or head to a retailer to feel samples of the different sizes as a starting point!

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How can I tell if a grip I bought is authentic or counterfeit?

The best way to tell if grips are fake is by the price; if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Ordering from an authorized retailer or direct from will help steer you clear of counterfeits. If you believe you have a counterfeit grip, you can submit a form for our team to review.

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I’d like to return or exchange my order.

If you’d like to return product(s) and request a refund for orders placed within the last 45 days directly from, you can initiate a return on the “My Orders” page if you are logged in, or on “Orders & Returns” if you do not have an account.  A free return label will be generated and emailed to you from FedEx.

Golf Pride will process your return within 10 business days of receiving the shipment. All grips not purchased from will be returne back to the sender.

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