Performance Factors

Moisture Management:

Consider moisture conditions common to where you play or whether you have hands that perspire. Having a grip that provides moisture control can add confidence and consistency to your game.

Minimal Moisture Management:

  • Arid conditions
  • Little to No Humidity
  • Limited Sweat

Moderate Moisture Management:

  • Mixed Conditions
  • Seasonal/Occasional Humidity
  • Some Sweat

High Moisture Management:

  • Humid/Wet Conditions
  • Heavy Humidity
  • Significant Sweat


Grip material and construction influence the amount of vibration transferred to your hands from ball contact; commonly referred to as shot feedback. Softer grips absorb more vibration, while firm grips provide greater shot feedback.

Maximum Shock Absorption:

  • Significant Vibration Dampening
  • Shock Reducing

Moderate Feedback / Shock Absorption:

  • Stable Grip With Good Shot Feedback

Maximum Shot Feedback:

  • Firm Grip
  • Significant Feedback

Surface Texture:

Grip material and surface design comprise grip texture. Tack grips have a smooth surface and are usually made from softer materials. Grips that are less tacky usually combine a detailed surface design with from high traction materials.

Light Texture, High Tack:

  • Limited Surface Texture
  • Limited Traction

Moderate Feedback / Shock Absorption:

  • Some Surface Texture

Heavy Texture:

  • Significant Surface Texture (And/Or)
  • Significant Cord For Maximum Traction

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