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How to build your home re-gripping station

Besides flushed iron shots, perfectly nipped wedges, and tap-in birdies, there are few better feelings in golf than fresh grips.

Even better, however: the feel of new golf grips you’ve just installed yourself – all without ever having to leave the house. Just grab your beverage of choice, put Golf Channel on the TV, and settle in.

You don’t need a professional grip station in order to install grips yourself. Some grip tape, grip solvent, and a few items that are easy to find at your local hardware store are all that’s required.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to setting up your home grip station:

Items You’ll Need

  • Double-sided grip tape
  • Grip solvent or mineral spirits
  • Utility knife with hook blade
  • Vise clamp
  • Solvent catcher
  • Towel


Your local golf retailer or big box sporting goods store typically will carry both of these items. We recommend using 2” wide grip tape for ease of installation.


Your local hardware store will carry utility knives as well as replacement hook blades. A utility knife with a hook blade is the easiest and safest way to remove old grips.

Always cut away from your body when using a hook blade to prevent injury.

VISE & CLAMP [PRICE: As low as $20]

In order to prevent damage to your clubs and to make grips easy to slide on in one motion, it’s important that the shaft be held securely in place. That’s where a vise, such as a shop or carpenter vise, as well as a rubber clamp, come in.

Any kind of vise that you can secure to a table, countertop, or other flat surface is perfect, while a rubber clamp will protect the shaft (especially graphite).


Grip solvent can stain clothing and fabric, and it’s not something you want all over your house. A basin to catch excess solvent will prevent that; and, as an added bonus, allows you to save and re-use that solvent.

Hint: a paint tray to catch solvent is an excellent – and cheap – option.


  • Heat Source
  • Apron

Heat Source [optional]

Heat loosens adhesive on grip tape, making the tape easier to remove, but it’s not necessary. A hair dryer will do the trick.

Apron [Optional]

Grip solvent stains clothing, so if you’re planning to install lots of grips at once, we recommend wearing an apron to protect your shirt & pants.

In total, all of these items for your home re-gripping station can be purchased for less than $50 – and you may already have some lying around the house. 

Grip installation can be done just about anywhere with a flat surface – your kitchen counter / sink, garage, basement, or even back porch. Be sure to have proper ventilation when using grip solvent.

It’s really that simple! A small investment in your home re-gripping station now will save you money for years to come – especially if you play and replace grips often.

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